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“At Vetenex, we are driven by a dual commitment – to both our furry companions and the less fortunate members of our society. With deep compassion as our guiding light, we proudly pledge 5% of our profits to a cause that touches two lives at once street dogs and those in need.

Our mission is twofold: to ensure that every hungry stomach, whether wagging tail or human, finds sustenance and care. With your support, we’re not just selling products, we’re sowing seeds of change. Your every purchase contributes directly to the food bowls of street dogs and helps put meals on the tables of the less privileged.

In choosing Vetenex, you’re choosing more than quality – you’re choosing kindness. By joining hands with us, you’re making a tangible impact on lives that deserve a chance at a better tomorrow. Together, we are fostering a community of compassion, where no living being is left behind. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us and being a part of the change we all wish to see in the world.”


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